The 10 most dangerous rapids in the world

  1. Colorado River, Arizona, United States

The river rafting season starts here in May after the snow has melted in the Rocky Mountains and continues until September, when the water gradually becomes too scarce. In May and June it is by far the wildest, various rapids of classes III and IV:

  1. Tuolomne River, California, United States

A trip along the “National Wild and Scenic River” takes two days, in which you temporarily leave civilization completely. The reward is beautiful landscapes, the chance to see otters and eagles and various class IV rapids, in the case of Clavey Falls even V

  1. 8. Rio Upano, Ecuador

It starts at the foot of the Andes in the Morona-Santiago region. Driving down the rapids of classes II to IV of the entire river can easily take eight days, the quieter parts are meditative and allow sightings of cranes, toucans and beautiful butterflies.

  1. Futaleufú, Chile

The traditional rafting river in Patagonia allows you to enjoy the beautiful Patagonian landscape and offers rapids of classes III and IV. The season in the southern hemisphere begins in February, the stages can be interrupted in lodges with sauna, baths and warm, soft beds.

  1. Mittelteil of the Salmon River in Idaho, United States

The Salmon River offers a diverse geology, Indian art and hot springs, extremely clear water and foaming Class IV rapids, but only from June to August. The rest of the time it meanders pretty comfortably.

  1. WeIsser Nile, Uganda

With 1,000 to 1,600 cubic meters per second, the White Nile could absorb various of the aforementioned rivers at once. The water masses press through several narrow gorges that are rich in waves and holes. With level V particularly demanding and only recommended for experienced and well-trained rafters. But then an absolutely unique experience!

  1. Pacuare River, Costa Rica

28 kilometers of steep gorge, surrounded by mossy rock faces and the jungle of Costa Rica offer a total of 52 rapids of the levels II and III. Deep in the gorge you feel extremely primeval and far from all civilization. After the rapids follows the wide, calm water of the Valle del Pacuare.

  1. Magpie River, Ontaria, Canada

The river appears consistently in the top ten rapids in travel guides and the press, and not without reason. There are dozens of Class III and IV rapids and a three meter high waterfall to be overcome, far away from civilization.

  1. Therambesi in Zimbabwe and Zambia

A total of 22 Class V rapids demand even the most experienced rafters, rapids with names like “Stairway to Heaven” speak for themselves. There are different entry points so that you can take one or more day tours.

Therambesi in Zimbabwe and Zambia

  1. D, he river Noce in Italy

The River Noce is fed by the Brenta Dolomites in the Italian Alps. Along the villages of Ossana and Caldes there are numerous class III and IV rapids and several class V rapids that meet the highest demands. The view goes over sheer cliffs, rock walls, stone pillars and glaciers. Assoluments meraviglio!


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