The Controversy of the Ivanka Trump Collection Van

Probably, Ivanka Trump clothing line He has never received as much media attention as at present. But not all publicity is good, and many are the shopping centres that have joined Nordstrom and have ceased to sell items from the daughter of the President of the United States. The result? Most of them have important discounts or directly are already in the corner of deals or bargains.

According to Edited, 44% of Ivanka Trump products are being sold with a discount of 49% of average prices. Edited tracks data from more than 90,000 brands and vendors, and advises that “almost half of the articles of Ivanka who came to the market between 2015 early and mid-2016 ended with discounts of 60% or more”.

Despite the boycott of some department stores, other they continue to sell clothing and accessories of Ivanka, and in them, many are on offer. We find them in Lyst, Hudson completo Bay (a Canadian Department store), Macy’s, Amazon, Dillard’s, Bloomingdale’s or Walmart.

I see this as poor sales to come from far away, the collections of Ivanka Trump they have never been a hit. Until Donald Trump reached the Presidency, it was usual to find clothes with your brand in outlets and shops of second hand of United States.

In fact, years ago Ivanka Trump clothing could be found in El Corte Inglés, but since last year it stopped selling them because they not generated sufficient profits. So Donald can not pass the buck to Nordstrom or boycott that her daughter not go you as well as business.