The Long Awaited Return of Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller

We believed that the Earth had swallowed them because living day Yes and day also in covers and internet portals they went to the most absolute and desolation of swim them leaving us temporary orphans of his stellar appearances. But the waiting was worth, because they have not become one by one and with a drip of by half but together and revolts: Here is the long-awaited return of Keira Knightley y Sienna Miller.

The chosen city, obviously, and for reasons of nationality, London, and the occasion, the radio presentation of his new film The Edge of Love, which opens this Friday in England.

Both arrived separately and very few wanting to be photographed, be so long away from the objectives of the cameras is what you have, that you have one to get to be the epicenter of the paparazzi phenomenon.

Keira, was very pretty with a dress pictures vichy in black and white, very similar to one I have seen in Topshop (pointing said), middle (so cold does in the British capital?), and a pair of shoes-style Oxford, and Sienna, something more informal and summer, He chose a simple pair of jeans with the low back, a white blouse, a bag big size raw and beautiful Silver sandals.

I’ll take Keira despite good weather.