The Look Right: Shirt, Valuing the Tie

This look is basically composed by two choices risky: the shirt neutral, which could make the look too off, but ended up contributing, in addition to a half in a shade of beige that goes against all the rules of combination of this type of piece, whatever the color of the shoes which, unfortunately, does not appear in the photo.

The Look Right Shirt, Valuing the Tie

Why does it work?

The suit marine classic is always correct, the success of its use depends on the choice of the shirt and the tie who will accompany him, and despite the beautiful and understated accessory tied to the neck, was the shirt that made the difference, since the choice of a shade of beige with a slight touch of pink highlighted both the violet of the tie, as is the marine custom, a choice not very conventional, remembering, even, that many men escape this kind of color! Another detail I appreciated a lot the combo was the handkerchief of the pocket, the cold tones, one of them doing rhymes with the tie, left the composition more rich.

The half outside of the protocol is a separate case, today more and more men ask for permission to give a personal touch to the costume social, and the half is one of the items that suffer the most from modifications and licenses, but in this case I still prefer the classic combination: black shoe with a half black or the shoe brown with a half marine, both properly combined with the belt.

It would not be the same thing if…

Swapped out the shirt for a white one, not that it is wrong, but the tie would never receive the same prominence.

Try this…

Give a final touch to this combo with a beautiful wrist watch, preferably analog, with stainless steel case and leather strap.

In short:

  • The shirt of the right color can give a highlight unexpected tie;
  • Suit navy is a neutral, but not as serious as black, therefore, and perfect for testing new combinations;
  • The handkerchief in the pocket can be more colorful than the rest of the parts, since something in it has relation with the tie or, in some cases, with the shirt;
  • Not always the white shirt solves everything in the best way;
  • Don’t forget accessories sophisticated to close the look with a gold key.

Additional tips:

For chubby – nothing tie skinny if you are very overweight, choose a conventional. The color of the suit is great for you, dark tones give the impression of being taller and thinner.

For shorties – he noticed that the shirt has a checkered pattern discrete? If you can avoid it, the better, for you striped works to elongate the body, especially if it is a suit-rich chalk.

For the altões – good combination for those is very high, but maybe a pattern in the fabric of the suit, as the prince of wales, do not let the excess height so apparent.