The ‘Vogue’ Now Appears in Arabic. And So It Looks

Who ever has browsed through them, who knows: the “Vogue” is a journal consisting of many pages advertising, from elaborate fashion editorials, interviews with super models, from make-up and travel tips for people who like to spend money, sometimes book reviews.

And especially the “Vogue” was so far one: a magazine for white women.The Conde Nast publishing company wants to change this nearly 125 years after the release of the first ‘vogue’ now, at least on line, he publishes his magazine recently in the Arabic version.The offer is aimed at women in the Middle East , in the spring of 2017, the first printed edition should follow in English and Arabic.

The 'Vogue' Now Appears in Arabic. And So It Looks 1

The Arabic “Vogue”on Instagram – to click:

The Arabic version at least initially hardly differs from the other issues: there is a “best-of-fashion week”, a contribution to the latest bag of the luxury brand Chanel and “12 sports outfits, which needs every woman”. Sounds West.

Who look closer, which however is, that the page covers also topics , other versions of the magazine probably not would deal with: among other things, for example a series of beauty in the Middle East is to find.

Another article explains how the hair on the head scarf can be styled. And in a post, the reader learns something about Arab Hip-Hop. A little world of Arab women can find themselves so at “Vogue Arabia”.

But it’s a world, aimed only at the Arab elite – from reality just another Muslim between Morocco and you see not much of Oman.

In Saudi Arabia , women cover up have to, driving is forbidden to them. At the same time, many go to study and work, since last year, Saudi women must run for the first time in local councils.

The 'Vogue' Now Appears in Arabic. And So It Looks 2

Like it looks in other countries: Tunisia and Egypt have very traditional and conservative societies, young women can get at the University and in the profession is difficult to enforce.However they do it, more and more are part of a confident public.With or without obfuscation.

This balancing act is missing in the Arab “Vogue”: on any of the photos is to see a fully veiled woman. The head scarf plays a small role in spite of a contribution, is hardly more.

The model Gigi Ha did will hardly, such as in the French Vogue,create naked on the cover, to lifestyle issues as sexuality or prevention will not go probably more. Until now, only an article revolves around discrimination against women, hardly a post showing nudity.

Instead of the Middle East looks like a fairy tale 1001 nights.

“I believe in ‘Vogue Arabia’ as an opportunity to find new forms and to celebrate the Arab woman on our way”, says editor in Chief Deena Ma’bad Abdulaziz in this interview.

The 'Vogue' Now Appears in Arabic. And So It Looks 3

And: the Muslim society is no different than other companies. In an different interview says Abdulaziz Arab women would luxury and love colorful things.

That sounds like much “beautiful, beautiful”, revolutionary, however, it doesn’t sound.

Thus, the magazine is published in a time where a young Berliner fights for an Headscarf Emoji and appears in the the first woman with hi jab on Playboy , almost atavistic.

And it joins in the presentation of other Western women’s magazines in the Arab market: “Elle” is there for more than ten years as a French and Arab Middle East version, “Harper’s Bazaar” for nine years.

The ‘vogue’ could take yet importance for Arab women in the Middle East, looking for Western, but also for Arab brands and designers:on Instagram , the magazine reached approximately 79,000 followers within the past three months.

There are only strong, self-certain, especially nice people who have few worries. This is typical for a fashion magazine-leaves, but in this case Cup taste.