The Whitest Boy Alive, Wood Kid & Grimes At The Electronic Beats Festival In Prague

It does so really nothing to the point, how many years you because now has under his belt. You somehow always manages to be groupie. Musicians particularly fond, because whose undeniable sexiness can you escape difficult, the devil knows why. The resulting curiosities are also not foreign to us: as you start suddenly worship guy that ever really fit in the own prey scheme. But it is so: people who burn for a very specific thing that are talented and do manage to bring our hearts, hopping with their voice or other musical skills that earn a little crush. Erlend Oye is a candidate for example.

It was the year 2003, in which he us as part of the pop duo “Kings of convenience” wrapped around her finger. Since then include songs like “misread” or “I’d rather dance with you” to any good Sunday breakfast. He also liked us as guest singer for Royksopp and since 2006 he brings with his colleagues from “The Whitest Boy Alive” to dance. So it’s no wonder that we a tiny little are nervous. Because on May 5th we open our personal festival season with the electronic beats Festival in Prague. In addition to Erlend. Marcin, Daniel and Sebastian wait also the fabulous Claire Boucher aka Grimes, the former “the streets” member Mike Skinner and wood kid, us with their beats your head to obscure. So who wants a small trip to the Czech capital including premium musical outpourings, which can buy a ticket here for just €10. In addition, there are box office. While we (and also Stylespion, Jessie from the interview, the Travelettes determines iHeartBerlin Les Mads, Amy & pink and boys with pleasure) feel like little girls and boys, who may himself visit the Santa Claus.

Here a small foretaste of what will be waiting for us:

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