This Mucky Swank Was a Time

What a man! The American Aydian Dowling (27) wants to write history and as the first transgender model on the cover of the men’s magazine “men’s health”.

The requirement as a cover-boy are available: A striking face, abundant tattoos, a la David Beckham (40) and a sexy six pack. Male, a model can not come over. But it would actually on the title page of the U.S. Aydian “men’s health” create, one could speak of an historic event.

Until 2009 a woman
Because Aydian Dowling is transsexual and therefore would be the first trans man on the cover of an established men’s magazine. Because six years ago Aydian sex-reassignment surgery as a woman, in October 2009 then lived.

The Americans takes on der online voting for the “Ultimate Guy” , called from the magazine. And it looks very much as the toned Aydian might actually win. Currently, he is ranked one. The runner-up is several ten thousand votes behind Dowling.

Dowling wants to create awareness
Aydian Dowling wants to succeed but not only on the cover, but also a statement. Compared to the online magazine “BuzzFeed” said Dowling: “The goal is, to create a consciousness. When young, transsexual people see a trans guy on the cover of this magazine, you can say: ‘Hey, being transsexual is good.’ I wish I had seen thirteen twelve, so a cover, then I can identify even faster.”

Already in April Dowling was the title of the transsexuals “FTM”-magazine. Inside the booklet, Dowling imitating a famous image of the American singer Adam Levine (36), which appeared in the “cosmopolitan” years ago. The copied depicts a naked Dowling, the pubic area is covered by the hands of his wife.

First and foremost, TRANS activist, then model
By profession, Dowling is not a professional model, but owner of fashion brand ‘Point 5cc’. With the label, the trans activist supports various organizations and projects that advocate for transgender or help financing the expensive operations.

Recently a new chapter was opened in the fashion industry, as the Australian was to see Andreja, formerly Andrej Pejic (23) as the first transgender model in the editorial of the U.S. ‘Vogue’. After all, Aydian has illustrated before his dream for Instagram themselves, perhaps this is real soon: