The Statue of Liberty is an attraction that even first-timers recognize in New York.


1. Choose your accommodation carefully

New York has plenty of accommodation to offer, and finding the right place to stay for your vacation can be a challenge, especially for first-time visitors to the city. The price level of accommodation is expensive, so be prepared for the accommodation to eat up a large portion of your travel budget.

In New York, you can stay in a hotel, hostel or room. If you want affordable accommodation in a central location in Manhattan, be prepared to compromise on amenities such as a private bathroom or private room. Despite the expensive price level, alternatives are available, and Manhattan can also be accommodated at a moderate price.

Staying outside of Manhattan is a good idea if you plan to visit several counties during your trip and want to save on accommodations. Brooklyn or Queens, for example, offers plenty of affordable accommodations, at least compared to Manhattan.

2. Think about what you want to see

One New York vacation rarely has time to experience everything, and already when planning a trip, it’s worth thinking about what things you want to see and experience on your first trip. In the face of the city’s huge size and seemingly endless supply, it’s easy to accept that some experiences will inevitably be missed.

3. Experience the main attractions

New York classics are hard to ignore on the first trip, and not worth it. Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and other classic sites are especially part of New York City’s first vacation.

If you’re scared of the masses, take advantage of the time difference stress of the first few days and head to the most popular destinations when there aren’t many others yet. The early hours of the morning are well worth a visit to see the sights, and when the large masses fill the streets, you can retreat in peace for a moment to rest.

Times Square

Times Square is traditionally a very busy square, but nice and quiet early in the morning.

Also remember the Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, the lovely Coney Island in south Brooklyn and the free Staten Island Ferry.

4. Treat yourself to classics

A melting pot like New York is full of places to eat around the world, and restaurants as well as street stalls offer delicacies for every taste and price range.

The city offers numerous classics that cannot be missed in New York. Italian pizzas and Greek stuffed pita breads are easy and inexpensive street food, but the city also offers a bagel stuffed with cream cheese – a classic New York breakfast – as well as endless delicacies from the Chinese part of town.

New York is also a promised city for a burger fan, as the Shake Shack burger stall in Madison Square Park, for example, has already almost achieved a cult reputation. Also sample burgers at 5 Napkin Burger Restaurants, BarKog and The Baroness Restaurant.

Lookouts offer sweeping views of Manhattan

5. Visit the vantage point

Manhattan’s skyscrapers and the surrounding counties open best when viewed from a vantage point. The city of New York encompasses a vast area, and the city is very much more than just Manhattan. You get a little idea of ​​the greatness by hurting one of the city’s tallest skyscrapers.

Among the most popular vantage points is the legendary 381-meter Empire State Building, completed in 1931. Located in the heart of Manhattan, the skyscraper offers great views of both the southern tip of Manhattan and New York City’s famous Central Park.

Lookouts offer sweeping views of Manhattan.

Other good vantage points include the city’s tallest building, completed in 2014, the 541-meter One World Trade Center, and the Top of the Rock landscape site on the roof of Rockefeller Center.

6. Exit Manhattan

The most common mocha for a New York vacation is to get stuck in Manhattan. It’s quite easy, as the city’s most famous county has plenty to do and see for several weeks of vacation. However, it is worth dedicating at least one day from the trip to a visit to another county.

In addition to Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island are part of New York City, and also offer points of interest and memorable experiences. From a tourist perspective, Brooklyn in particular is a diverse tourist destination, but the Bronx Yankee Stadium with its sports arenas and Queens with its diverse ethnic restaurants, for example, also offer plenty to see.

7. Experience at least one classic New York experience

Musical on Broadway, grabbing a taxi in a movie-style pace, or having breakfast at Tiffany are all clichéd New York experiences, but equally part of a vacation. New York is a city where even the most cliché deeds of tourists have been seen, so you can very well immerse yourself in the world of the Single Life series or throw on a gorilla costume in the spirit of King Kong.

8. Book an adequate travel budget

New York’s reputation as an expensive city is not taken by the wind, but the city really is expensive. The reduced prices of the flights compensate for the expensive price level that is expected to arrive when booking accommodation. The price-quality ratio of the hotels is cheekily poor, in addition to which eating in restaurants is also quick on a budget.

At first glance, prices may seem affordable in New York as well, but keep in mind that in the U.S., prices are topped up with taxes and restaurant tips. The sales tax is state-specific, at 4.5 percent in New York, while 15 to 20 percent is expected to be available in restaurants.

In addition to the high price level, taxes and tips, New York is spending money on more. The excellent shopping offer, the inexpensive food stalls located along the streets and the constant temptations make even the most discerning traveler loosen their holiday budget. And it’s not even worth going to New York on a small budget, but reserving plenty of money for experiences, dining, and getting around – few visit the city very many times, and it’s not worth picking up in this city!

9. Move on public and on foot

The best way to take over New York is to get around the city on foot. However, the distances are surprisingly long, and it can take a long time to fold a few blocks apart, depending on whether you cross the grid pattern lengthwise or widthwise. Even if you can get far on foot, you should also buy a Metro Card, which entitles you to use public transport as soon as you arrive in the city.

The skyline of Manhattan’s skyscrapers

The Staten Island Ferry is a free ship that runs from southern Manhattan to Staten Island.

New York’s subway network is old but still well-functioning, in addition to which the city is easily accessible by bus. There are also a few special means of public transport in the city, the use of which is an experience in itself. Roosevelt Island, east of Manhattan, for example, can be reached by cable car, and the East River can also be reached by NYC Ferry.

The use of public transport is advantageous. For example, a one-week, unlimited travel card costs about 30 euros and is valid for all means of transport offered by the MTA.

The Staten Island Ferry

10. Admire the sunset or sunrise at least once

The city filled with skyscrapers is at its most magical just when the sun rises or sets while coloring the skyscrapers in different shades of orange. The passenger traveling from Finland to the city can enjoy both sunsets and sunrises, especially at the beginning of the holiday, so make the most of it and enjoy the magnificent view!

The skyline of Manhattan’s skyscrapers looks especially stunning at sunset.

The city is full of great places to watch the landscape painted by a magical moment. If you are staying in a skyscraper, head to the roof of the building to view the scenery. Good places to see the sunset include Brooklyn Bridge Park in Brooklyn and Roosevelt Island, both of which offer unobstructed views of the Manhattan skyscrapers. The scenery is also at its most magical at sunset.

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