Togo 2019

Yearbook 2019

Togo. In May, Parliament passed a contentious law stipulating that the President cannot sit for more than two five-year terms. But the amendment does not include the three periods President Faure Gnassingbé has been in, which means that he can theoretically remain until 2030. He is expected to run again in 2020. Other amendments included giving presidents immunity. The changes have been preceded by protests for several years. In April, a demonstrator was killed in northern Togo, others arrested.

The proposal went through easily as Gnassingbe’s Party of Assembly for the Republic (UNIR) has a satisfactory majority in the National Assembly, as the main opposition parties boycotted the 2018 elections.

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In June, the first local elections were held in 32 years. UNIR won about 60% of all places.

Parliament decided in August to limit the right of demonstration. Demonstrations are not allowed, for example, near public buildings and may only take place during the day between 11am and 6pm.

Population 2019

According to CountryAAH, the population of Togo in 2019 was 8,082,255, ranking number 102 in the world. The population growth rate was 2.450% yearly, and the population density was 148.6002 people per km2.

Togo Median Age

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