Tours to Oman

According to physicscat, the Sultanate of Oman, located on the border between Yemen and Saudi Arabia, attracts more and more travelers from all over the world every year. Tours to Oman are a real embodiment of an oriental fairy tale.

Clean beaches on the coast of the Arabian Sea, natural landscapes, cultural and historical attractions, as well as a high level of service make the rest in Oman one of the most comfortable and mysterious.

The Oman tour operator in Moscow is constantly changing the program of individual tours, offering tourists a closer look at this multifaceted country, with the historical, but modern cities of Sohar and Muscat. Oman is interesting not only for its history and culture, but also for attractive places for diving and surfing, beach holidays (there are more than 1,700 km of beach lines in the country), luxurious hotels with the highest level of service, spicy Oriental cuisine in elite restaurants and small beach cafes. Oman is a country of contrast, mysteries and luxury! Luxury at an affordable price!

Currency: Omani rial ($1 = 0.38 Omani rials)

Language: Arab

In the east of the Arabian Peninsula, where the desert meets the Indian Ocean, there is a state whose name evokes memories of the fairy tale of the EastSULTANATE OF OMAN.

The Omani civilization dates back millennia and the atmosphere of antiquity, the ruins of ancient cities, fortresses and the preserved pristine nature is amazing. The variety of landscapes of the Sultanate – from mystical mountains reaching 3300 meters above sea level and hiding amazing caves, and the sands of the great desert to endless white beaches, ocean expanses and exotic greenery – are reunited in one beauty.

More than 500 forts, palaces and towers built in various architectural styles testify to different periods in the history of Oman and are imbued with eternity.

Apparently, the rich and highly developed culture of Oman has given rise to the natural friendliness of the Omanis, who pride themselves on their good manners, hospitality and sincerity.

A certain closeness of the Sultanate, which existed before His Majesty the Sultan of Oman Qaboos came to power in 1970, made it possible to preserve the originality of this charming corner of the world. The Omanis still manage to maintain a balance between the past and the future. Over the last quarter of a century, Oman has become a modern state with magnificent roads, ultra-modern buildings, sports facilities, luxury hotels. But, enjoying the insane luxury of hotels, using all kinds of modern services, you will still be imbued with the spirit of peace and tranquility and make sure that the Earth and People are one.

Visas to Oman

Tourists entering Oman must comply with the following rules:

– have a confirmed hotel reservation for the entire period of stay in Oman

– have medical insurance with insurance coverage, including for treatment from COVID-19 for the entire period of stay in Oman

– have a return air ticket

– before departure to Oman, fill out the Travel Registration Form on the official website with payment of the OMR 25 registration fee (approximately USD 65)

– before arriving in Oman, install the Tarassud+ app mobile application (if you are in the country for more than 7 days, also install the HMushrif app mobile application)

– the period of stay in Oman must be less than 14 days

– when entering Oman through the air border / airport (Muscat International Airport): upon arrival, take a PCR test for COVID-19 based on the Travel Registration Form issued in advance online and the registration fee paid (the presence of a PCR test previously received in the country of departure is NOT required; only testing on arrival)

– when entering Oman through the land border: an official conclusion of a negative PCR test for COVID-19 is required, received no more than 72 hours before entering Oman (testing at the land border checkpoint is not required)

– stay in self-isolation (quarantine) in the booked hotel until the results of the PCR test are received upon arrival (quarantine can only be interrupted if a negative result is received)**

– report to the authorities of the Ministry of Health of Oman (through the hotel of your residence or your Oman travel company) about all the emerging symptoms of a possible disease (breathing problems, signs of a cold, cough, runny nose, diarrhea, sore throat, headache, shortness of breath, etc.) these symptoms to remain in isolation in their room until they have been examined by a healthcare professional and given appropriate instructions if medical attention is required

– The tourist must stay at the hotel either alone in the room, or only with members of his family. The tourist undertakes to stay in the hotel room and not to live together with other people (not family members) until a negative PCR test result is obtained.

– Tourist should not go on any tours/excursions other than through an Oman tour company. The tourist must follow the prescribed sanitary requirements (thermometry, wearing a medical mask in prescribed places, regular hand disinfection, cleanliness, social distancing, etc. in accordance with the general rules and requirements)

– Oman’s requirement not to allow groups of more than 5 people and only members of the same family to gather together does NOT apply to tourist groups on tour / sightseeing excursions and subject to rules to prevent the spread of COVID-19

For the convenience of tourists, we recommend applying for a visa online through the police website

Tourists flying to Oman are also strongly advised to check in advance with their airline to ensure they have a pre-received negative PCR test.

Tours to Oman

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