Transportation in Krabi

Arriving in Krabi and moving from place to place

Krabi Airport (KBV) is Krabi Airport, located about 15 km from Krabi Town and 27 km from Ao Nang. From there, you can reach Ao Nang in about 40 minutes, and if you go on a package tour to Krabi, the shuttle is either included in the price or can be taken at an additional cost at an additional cost. From the airport, it is easy to quickly move not only to Krabi Town and Ao Nang but also to other parts of Krabi or nearby areas.

Krabin tours

If the transport is not included in the price of the trip or if you have not paid an additional fee for it, the package traveler will also be able to cope with it relatively easily. The self-employed traveler does not have to think about the rides in advance, but from the airport you can take a bus to Krabi Town or Ao Nang and take a taxi anywhere. Some hotels have their own transportation, which can be roughly the same price as taxi and van rides offered by the airport. This should be clarified when booking accommodation and you should ask about it in good time.

Krabi is a fairly large area, but it is surprisingly easy to move from place to place and it is possible to travel there even after dark has descended better than in some other Thai resorts. The walk is very successful, especially in the city of Krabi, Ao Nang and the nearby resorts. In Railay, by the way, you can’t really go any further than walking, and Krabi has other areas where you mostly walk.

If you want to travel longer distances, Krabi has, like elsewhere in Thailand, open-air buses (songthaew) that depart from certain places. It is advantageous to take a flatbed bus, but its departure can sometimes have to wait a long time and it runs slowly, as it satisfies and ensures that everyone understands that there is a ride on offer. Thus, a flatbed bus can be turned into a flatbed taxi, in which case it is taken into its own use in a charter style and the driver is told where he wants to go. One can go a short distance, even just from Ao Nang to a nearby beach, or you can even tour all day and visit different places.

Mopota taxis, which are always opposite the Krabi Market Hall, for example, are easy to identify thanks to the orange vests. They are happy to take you anywhere in the Krabi town area and beyond. It is advantageous for the moped to move, but it is only good for one person and it is difficult to travel longer than 10-15 minutes behind the moped.

Renting a moped or scooter is common, and one can get you well where you want. There is never a huge amount of traffic on the roads of Krabi, and there are not many steep hills or bends. However, previous experience of moped riding or scooter riding is a necessity, and it is not advisable for Krabi to start learning to ride in such a way. It’s also not worth jumping on the back of a scooter as soon as you get there, even if you have experience, and in the next few days it’s good to gather local knowledge on the apostle ride and on the open platform ride.

Krabi tours

Arriving in Krabi

If you want to fly directly to Krabi Airport, a few airlines from Finland will fly there, but they will not fly there all year round. When there are no flights during the summer season, you have to fly to Bangkok where you can change planes and continue flying to Krabi. It is also possible to leave Bangkok by train or bus towards the south, visit various places along the way and then go to Krabi. Along the way, there are interesting places, only some of which are very popular with tourists: a great tourist destination is Hua Hin, for example, and Phetchaburi is a popular place to visit, but few spend their nights there.

Trains are always late, sometimes an hour away, but if you leave Bangkok by night train, it usually leaves on schedule. There are different categories of trains, and the best value for money is the air-conditioned trolley, which has two beds on top of each other on both sides of the corridor and whose beds allow you to be at ease due to the curtain. A lower bed, which has more space and can sit, is more expensive than an upper bed. There are other compartments as well, and some trains have more expensive private compartments and different options, but for the majority, sleeping in an air-conditioned basic wagon is a comfortable and safe way to travel long distances at an affordable price. Some trains have a restaurant trolley that turns into an almost disco in the evenings, and traveling by train in Thailand can be a memorable experience.

Trips organized by a travel agency are usually for a week or two. They are quite expensive, well over twice what a week’s trip though to the Canary Islands costs, but the flight distance is long and hotels are often four-star resorts. The hotels of almost all travel agencies are in Ao Nang, which is completely a tourist destination but from which it is easy to visit the rest of Krabi and make various sea excursions. If you want to save on a trip to Thailand, you might want to make a two-week trip for the better value for money and you should settle for a two or three star hotel instead of a four or five star hotel.

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