Vianden, Luxembourg

Vianden is located in the north-east of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, near Luxembourg, on the river Ur, on the border with Germany (Rhine-Palatinate). Once the capital of a large county, today’s Vianden is a comfortable haven for tourists.

The town of 1,600 inhabitants was once a formidable rival to the country’s capital, Luxembourg. See Citypopulationreview for weather information.

How to get to Vianden

The road from the capital will take less than an hour and a half. At the Luxembourg train station, you need to take a train to Ettelbruck, and then transfer to a bus. Buses are the main public transport in the county. The fare is low: 4.50 EUR for a one-day pass, which applies not only to bus routes in Luxembourg, but also to travel by rail.

Viandena hotels

A dozen and a half three-star hotels are open in Vianden, prices from 80 to 120 EUR per night. The family-run Petry Hotel, located in the very center, not far from Vianden Castle and the only chair lift in all of Luxembourg, as well as the comfortable Hotel Restaurant Heintz with a luxurious restaurant serving cheese fondue and Vianden walnut wine are good.

There are also simpler options: four campsites and a hostel (from 20 EUR per person) with full board for an additional 10 EUR per day and bicycles for rent.

During the summer, a “family package” can be booked, which includes two nights in a guesthouse, a tour of Vianden Castle and a cable car ride. Price for an adult – 58 EUR, for a child – 36 EUR.

Cuisine and restaurants

All Vianden restaurants (and there are more than two dozen of them) operate according to Benelux standards. The Weiner Staff and Auberge du Chateau offer traditional Luxembourgish dishes: smoked pork with beans, jellied suckling pigs, Ardennes ham, black pudding, veal brains, calf liver dumplings with sauerkraut and boiled potatoes. In Café du Pont and Valentino you can taste no less traditional Luxembourgish desserts: pies with fruit filling, chocolate and sweets.

Entertainment and attractions of Vianden

Vianden Castle (off. site in English) is the main attraction of the town, the only lift in the entire Duchy of Luxembourg has been laid to it. The original buildings of the castle date back to the 13th century, but this is not just another medieval fortress, it is a beautiful palace complex with magnificent interiors. The cost of the tour is 6 EUR per adult, 2 EUR per child.

The great writer stayed at the Victor Hugo House Museum during all his four visits to Vianden. One can only guess which of his amazing novels was created in Vianden. In front of the museum building there is a bust of Victor Hugo by Auguste Rodin, donated to the city by the French Senate.

You should definitely visit the Church of the Order of the Trinity, built in the best Gothic traditions back in 1248. The organ of the temple, installed in the 17th century, is unusual and beautiful; still in the church you can see the graves of the counts de Winanden and the reliquary of St. Anthony.

Not far from Vianden is the Indian Forest Vianden Adventure Park, where adults and children can enjoy an active holiday, overcoming obstacle courses of varying difficulty (18 EUR adult, 13 EUR child). And in the city itself there is an outdoor heated swimming pool, attractions, a playground and a sandy beach (4 EUR).

Other local activities: sport fishing, tennis, mini-golf, trekking along scenic routes through the Ardennes forests.

The route of the tourist train “Benny” covers the main attractions of the city, there are also trips through the Vianden at night (6 EUR for adults).


In autumn, the traditional Nut Market takes place in Vianden Castle, where, apart from a bunch of varieties, you can taste and buy local liqueurs, cognac, cakes, cheese and bread with nuts.

Vianden, Luxembourg

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