Victory Parade Catwalk and Fashion Sets 2015 – Day 1

Good morning, girls!!!
I was kind hysterical here is it not?!

Last week came the fashion week here in ES and it was one run only. Since I know you love this type of coverage, I decided to make 3 posts counting all the novelties presented by the marks on each day of Victory Fashion and I interspersing with the looks I used to inspire you, ok ?!

Good…. On the first day of the Victory Fashion, we had 3 blocks parades.

Opening the marathon of shows, there was a brief statement of the New Talent capixabas who brought to the catwalk crochet pieces, many cracks, structured parts, covers and unusual cuts.

Soon after, the designer Chris Trajan brought his collection inspired by the elegance of Pinot Noir grape. Lighter and flowing fabrics emphasized the sensuality and well – defined waists and the known croppeds that promise to continue to reign in the coming seasons.

Opening the second block shows, the Clutch brand of my best Mari Vieira, showed that came. With a retro footprint inspired by the ’60s, the collection was titled Time, it brought prints hand painted, and many cracks and transparencies exalting unpretentious sensuality of modern women.

The collection reflects the female rite of passage from adolescence to self-awareness and the affirmation of modern woman who knows what she wants.

The brand capixaba DUA’S launched the collection Triple C – Contemporary, Cool and Chic. With a wide variety of materials, the brand managed to merge contrasting styles of luxury and simplicity. It comes with a lot of volume, transparency and fluidity, there is no way not to fall in love with it.

The Bahia stylist Marcelo Zantti paraded their Sensitive collection, with a minimalist and contemporary footprint. Asymmetry and fine fabrics are the highlight of the collection that mixes modern Romanticism in a subtle and complementary way. The Pantacourt (which was the subject here on the blog) and Midi length give a touch of elegance and fashionismo the parts that took the audience’s breath away.

Closing the first day of fashion shows, the Amabilis left a little to be desired. The collection was very pretty, but lacked the glamour that the runway asks for. As the collection was more usual, in my view, it would be more interesting if only the makeup or hair got a “wow” fashionista with a more conceptual footprint.

The brand brought a palette of earth tones and floral prints with a subtle touch of psychedelia, as well as pieces in tailor shops as blazers, trousers and pencil skirts.