Viktor & Rolf in The Week of The Fashion of Paris Autumn/Winter 2007/08

While we were awaiting the Oscars gala, in Paris began discreetly the Fashion week. Yesterday, Viktor & Rolf presented its ready-to-wear collection for the Autumn/Winter 2007/08 and, this morning, you already have the review on Jezebel!

At first glance, it seems that the Dutch couple was also too aware of the Oscars, and went from finalize the details of the parade: the models came out in slippers and with the coat racks still linked to the clothing.

Looking more closely, we see that not so for nothing. Quite the opposite: “Sneakers” are, in reality, the traditional clogs Dutch, reinterpreted in color and pattern by designers who are, well, a small tribute to their land.

As for the coat racks, it is actually of a own lighting system each model. In this respect, Viktor Horsting He explained that they intended to emphasize the importance they give to the show, making each design in a show in itself. Every model, therefore represented an own show, without the need for more accessories.

It seems, according to the Chronicle of Vogue, that really the (not the) models were the show. The public suffered by them, during all the show, watching them load heroically with the weight of those light bulbs that it had been annexed to garments. Fortunately, none of them lost his balance. However, and despite the extra lights that illuminated costumes, it seems that nobody is really set in them. But, for that, We are those of Jezebel.

The tribute to the Netherlands was not limited to footwear. The shapes and patterns of the fabrics also slightly reminded typical dresses of the Netherlands. And, aside from some impossible designs, the rest of the collection seems very nice. What you think you? Where will this couple arrive to carry the show fashion?