Visa to Kazakhstan

Russian tourists can enter Kazakhstan, which has been friendly to us since Soviet times, without any formalities – using a foreign or internal passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation. Stay in the republic is possible for 90 days. The only caveat is that within 5 days upon arrival in Kazakhstan you need to register at the place of stay (if you stay at a hotel, the staff will take care of this) – however, when entering through the country’s international airports, you can register directly when passing through passport control. Well, astronauts can arrive in the country on a direct flight to Baikonur.┬áSee JIBIN123 for Kazakhstan customs regulations and visa requirements.

In addition to citizens of Russia, citizens of all CIS countries, Mongolia and Turkey enjoy the right to visa-free entry to the Republic of Kazakhstan.

immigration card

Upon entering the country, an immigration card is issued, on which a stamp is placed with the date of entry into Kazakhstan. At the exit, this card is confiscated by border guards. On the same card, marks are made by the accounting and registration authorities at the place of stay. If you are staying at a hotel, the hotel will take care of your check-in and issue you with an appropriate receipt.

Foreign citizens temporarily staying in the Republic of Kazakhstan are required to register within five calendar days from the date of crossing the state border at the place of their permanent or temporary residence. Registration of foreign citizens is carried out on the basis of identity documents and immigration cards received upon entry.

There is a visa-free regime between Russia and Kazakhstan; a general civil or foreign passport is sufficient to enter the country.

Citizens of all countries arriving through 12 international airports in Kazakhstan (including Almaty and Astana), the international railway checkpoint Dostyk-Alashankou (with China), through the international road checkpoints Khorgos (with China), Dostyk (with China), Bakhty, Maykapchagay, Korday (Kyrgyzstan), Kolzhat and the seaports of Aktau and Bautino are entitled to receive registration at the indicated border points. Other border crossings, including railroads with Russia, are not subject to registration upon entry, and the need to apply to the registration authorities within five days remains.

Violation of the registration rules may result in the imposition of an administrative fine corresponding to an amount of 10 to 20 conventional rates (Kazakh equivalent to the Russian concept of minimum wage).

Quite often, the lack of registration is a reason for extortion by border guards, especially in the southern part of Kazakhstan, on the borders with Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Threatening with detention and seizure of personal property, Kazakh police and border authorities often intimidate tourists, forcing them to pay bribes. It is noteworthy that extortion attempts also take place if the tourist has the necessary registration. This also applies to citizens of those countries that are formally exempted from the need to register at the place of stay in Kazakhstan. In all such cases, the presence of the shift supervisor, duty officer or police squad should be required.

In addition, you should definitely take out a medical insurance policy for the entire duration of the trip. Let it be better not to be useful than to be left without qualified assistance in case of an accident.

Visa to Kazakhstan

For citizens of Russia and the CIS countries, a visa to Kazakhstan is not required. But it is worth taking out a medical insurance policy for the entire duration of the trip in advance.


The import of foreign currency is limited to the amount of 500 USD (must be included in the declaration). The export of foreign currency is limited to the amount specified in the declaration. Import and export of local currency for foreigners is prohibited.

Duty-free import of 1000 cigarettes or 1000 g of tobacco and 2 liters of alcoholic beverages is allowed. The import of weapons and ammunition, drugs and drug-containing drugs, literature, photo and video products that are contrary to the norms of Islam or aimed at undermining and discrediting state authorities is prohibited. The export of gold, precious stones and rare minerals, rare species of animals and hunting birds is prohibited.

Visa to Kazakhstan

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