Vogue UK Pk the Teen Vogue USA in Streetstyle

Cannot be denied that the style of the British woman and the American have presented for decades many differences. If we go back to the classical conception that we have of the American woman, say New York, would possibly reached its culmination with Caroline Bessette do you remember it? The deceased spouse of the also-deceased John John Kennedy.

However there is more to take a walk by the East Village New York to find young people and adolescents outfits that we could very well come up in the Carnaby Street London.

Have the tastes of both countries approached forever friends?. Check it out. Vogue UK you have selected their best street style outfits of the week and has also the Teen Vogue American.

Let’s start by Vogue Uk, who incidentally has shown us this week their favorite outfits caught red-handed on the streets of The Angeles or Paris.

First of all my favorite, the black total look reveals the origin of the image, a young Parisian, how not, with glasses of Dries Van Noten and sandals of Ann Demeleumeester.

The second of your Favorites, in an image while I like clothes, combination and plug-ins, with the already repeated here Hat gondolier who is liking you or disgusting, there is something that I failed. Why does me little credible this style in this girl?. Not I married with her hairstyle, her….

It certainly seems that Vogue Uk It opts for Provençal styles, House of the Prairie and retro. Let us now to Teen Vogue, the teen Edition of the Vogue Usa.

The look is not very teenage to say, very Ralph Lauren y Lauren Hutton 70 I would say rather.

Flying has moved to Stockholm to show the styling of this young man, who could well be noyorkina without a doubt, with the clothing that most characterized them, the trench.

And the last of their favourite looks with a trend that I don’t understand do I will be doing more? This Pocket out in other years would have been cause for laughter.