What’s Going on? When I Go out to The Street Only See Garnet Pants…

I think that I planted. I can not keep all the fashions At the same time. I don’t know how do them the bloggers but every day they wear new clothes full trend. And my Pocket is not for so many expenses and is that walking by the blogesfera realizes that the latest trend in fashion this week are the pants garnets. If you don’t have them you are not anyone, or Yes?

Combined with dark clothing I have to admit that they feel great. Yes, I like this trend but how long will it last? And what is more paramount will happen me something if I do not follow it? Because lately it seems that if you don’t do what they say on blogs you’re not nobody… Although for street style looks I’ll take this as simple: two color booties, leather and jersey oversize trousers. Do you accept the challenge?

But if what you want is a look that view at the same time easy (this season I don’t complicate very much with my outfits) the best thing to do is to resort to a Basic white shirt. In this way we will obtain a look 10 to go to work.

In Trendy Taste We find the hot version: sucks leather black, white shirt and Red jeans combined with a studded booties. What you think about the end result?

I like the Sports hoodies. Much, but sometimes are not well with my outfit. But if my work is based on the following look I know how to combine them: in this case the Sweatshirt is rather short sleeve but the effect is the same. This garment gives an sport touch of cool if it is combined with another completely different roll clothing: clutch of sequins, heels & #8230; I like the result, And you?

But with the days that lie ahead us where the cold will eventually reign the streets around the country worth more go chic as well as sheltered. The shades of gray They are fable with Garnet. And to sample, a button & #8230;

And how it could be otherwise, Chiara Ferragni is it puts everything at once: coat with leather sleeves and pants this tonality. Although his version is more pulling the Burgundy … what do you think?

What look do you stay?