Will You Spend Hundreds of Euros Buying an H & M Clothing?

Our colleagues from eBayers They have already echoed the news, and it is that price which can achieve a piece of H & M if on the label, it shares its name with a designer as in this case, Lanvin is amazing. We saw it with other famous collaborations as Karl Lagerfeld and one of the more recent, Jimmy Choo, when H & M quality shoes prices reached the value of some authentic Jimmy Choo.

Opinions for all tastes and for all pockets. In Jezebel, we show prices for genuine parts Lanvin to compare and think a well-founded opinion two days after the release of the garments. View the price that is already reaching the collection on Ebay & #8230;

Difficult is that you whichever occurred with the collection of Jimmy Choo for H & M. the reason? A couple of Jimmy Choo´s can cost about 500 euros, price which reached the Swedish firm pairs. However, Lanvin has rather higher prices that reach thousands of euros. Could it be that one of the successes of this collection although dresses reach 200 euros? Maybe.

And it is that not all can do with a Lanvin although by 90% is reduced. However, the price of a t-shirt from Lanvin reaches 400 euros … almost the same thing that is going to achieve in a few days the version of H & M with illustrations of the House.

The version of the Swedish brand and the prestigious firm, which sold out at the time of be exposed in several shops, as in calle Velázquez in Madrid.

No doubt all of a business that is worth to the savvy that have been made with the collection to resell it for triple the price … but, and for those who buy it? Is it worth?